I’m curious, transparent, empathetic, and passionate about leading strategies in user experience design, web design and messaging, content hierarchy, digital marketing, research, and all things brand positioning.

My background as the Strategy Lead for a small design agency allowed me to develop the skills of a mid-level strategist at an accelerated rate. I have worn many hats on numerous projects in varying industries at the same time. I thrive in collaborative sessions but I know how to hone in my skills to get work done when budget or timeline doesn’t allow. I have a huge heart for building team morale and finding unique ways to serve others.

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life as a wife and dog mom


From high school best friends to college sweethearts, I'm still amazed that I'm married to such an incredible man. He is my constant reminder of grace and is always encouraging me to dream bigger than I thought possible.


I'm dreaming of the day when I get to be a stay-at-home mom. Although we aren't there yet, having a little pup to take care of and snuggle with has been one of my greatest joys thus far.

life as a strategic creative

work + make


From a young age, I've been told I am creative. I was raised in a family who believes that we are to love others well and value their perspective. Throughout high school, I developed an appreciation for building genuine relationships on a foundation of truth. During my college years, I realized that there is so much more to design than just visual aesthetics. Now, I design with a purpose and a passion, to serve others with the end-users in mind.


Thanks to the patience, encouragement, and willingness to let me "touch the walls" from my previous work family, I've been able to hone in on UX design and lead our team in all things strategy. Over the years, I've been able to craft my unique skills in brand strategy, UX, content strategy, digital marketing campaigns, and graphic design. I feel very grateful that I had the chance to work and play with some of the most genuine and caring folks in town.

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life with a side hustle


Early 2018, my husband and I joined a small team for a startup editorial publication in Dayton, Ohio called Oak & Ivy. As the Brand Strategist, I guided us through the early stages of strategizing our social media presence, creating a tagline, designing email campaigns, networking with advertisers, providing design feedback and critiques, and positioning our brand. The magazine has since disbanded, but I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn from this experience.


In the face of death at the young age of 22, my pal, Noah, wrote a beautiful album that wrestles with the tension between death and life. He graciously pulled me on his team of two (him and I) to be the Art Director for the album, including his album cover, strategic release, record label logo, social media strategy, website, and more. It has been such an honor to work so closely with a talented artist such as himself.

serve others

life as a product of grace


Everything that is good about me and my life is simply evidence of God's goodness. I'm doing my best to live a life like Jesus, and even though I fail more times than not, I know that He gives me endless second chances. I am so thankful considering I am hopelessly underserving.


I know this doesn't score me a ton of points with many, and that's okay. I want you in my life regardless of your desire to have God in yours. Ultimately, He's important to me and I wouldn't feel like a loving friend if I didn't mention it. Because you and I are friends now, right?