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I'm Sojin, a brand strategist, illustrator, web designer, researcher, and ice cream lover based in Portland, OR.

Portrait of Sojin Rank, a Korean woman with glasses and straight hair

After graduating from The Ohio State University in 2016, I've gone on to do work with creative agencies, contributing to projects for international clients such as Nike, Intel, and Facebook. I have a background in UX/UI design, messaging, content architecture, digital marketing, qualitative and quantitative research, organizational design, and all things brand strategy.

I am a generalist with Type-A tendencies. I find joy in making documents, spreadsheets, and presentation decks look beautiful. I love clearly articulating value. I have a huge heart for building team morale and finding unique ways to serve others.

I'm currently the Sr. Manager of Brand and Design at AudioEye, a web accessibility SaaS company working to eradicate every barrier to digital access. I also sit on the Board of Directors for a non-profit organization, AKAP.

Things I Love:


I watch multiple movies per week. Some of my favorites that I've watched this year were Columbus (2017) and Everything Everywhere All At Once​ (2022).

-> Van Leeuwen Ice Cream​

I recently became obsessed with Sicilian Pistachio flavored french ice cream. The texture and mouth-feel is unmatched. Try it... you'll see!

-> Dehd's Blue Skies

I went and saw Dehd perform in Portland this year and it was the best. Their latest album is my favorite album to listen to while driving.

Things I'm Playing:


Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

I finished this game earlier this year and I absolutely loved it. The illustrations, the dialogue, the gameplay—it was all great!

-> Stardew Valley

I love to unwind at the end of the day by playing a game. I'll play anything mindless, but right now I'm really digging Stardew Valley.

Apex Legends

I am hot garbage, but I love to play FPS games. I play a lot of Apex Legends and I recently started playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

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