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Bleep by Intel

Role: UX Designer, Researcher, Strategist


Overview: A small team from Intel was working with a team, Spirit AI, on developing an anti-toxicity voice chat AI software for the online gaming atmosphere. While working at Fresh Consulting, I helped name the product, designed the initial UX and UI for the application and performed user testing on the Alpha to gather insights on how the software could be improved before continuing development. The Beta is set to launch in 2021.

UX Research

Role: UX Designer, Researcher

Bleep was originally announced at GDC 2019, back when it was a very early prototype. In 2020, I was on a small design and research team to work through the Alpha testing phase. Intel gave the first preview of the UI of Bleep during their GDC 2021 Showcase. At 29:42 of the video, you can see the designs I worked on for the soon-to-be Beta.

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