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Facebook Diversity Hub

Role: Content Strategist, Producer


Overview: While working as a Design Strategist with Fresh Consulting, I helped Meta (formerly Facebook) tell a compelling story about their ambitious diversity and inclusion initiatives. In preparation for their 2019 Diversity Report, a highly-publicized document showing its progress toward diversity and inclusion in its workforce and helping people from underrepresented communities learn about careers in tech. 

Content Strategy

Role: Content Strategist, Producer

During an initial strategy phase, the team came to a critical insight to show ongoing institutional progress on diversity and inclusion while honoring employee commitments to support their colleagues. We needed to help Facebook built trust through storytelling rather than just merely presenting the data. We widened the frame to include a multi-faceted view of the richness of human experience, showcasing the people behind the various initiatives and programs.

I was personally responsible for ensuring that all of the content for the website was gathered into one single document from the various Facebook employees. I worked closely with the leaders of each Employee Resource Group to make sure that they were being represented. I was also responsible for coordinating weekly check-ins with the internal and external team members.

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