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Leah Kelley Photography

Role: Visual Designer


Overview: Leah Kelley Photography spent thousands of dollars on a new logo that never got delivered. Leah reached out to have me design her new logo and I was able to turn it around in one afternoon. She was thrilled to have a logo that really fit the overall aesthetic she was shooting for.

Logo Design

Role: Visual Designer

Leah approached me feeling apprehensive due to her previous experience with another designer. I wanted to ensure that she would get a logo that would help her express her brand as well as help her acquire her ideal clientele. It was so fun, I was able to deliver the final logo within a few hours of starting.

Keywords provided by the client:

  • Sunshine & Bright

  • Dramatic & Emotional

  • Uplifting & Classic

  • Feminine & Romantic

  • Natural & Floral

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