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Nike Project Move

Role: Design Strategist, Workshop Facilitator, Social Media Strategist


Overview: Nike Project Move is a pilot program and student-led initiative to inspire a diversity of movement in every corner of the college campus. Nike launched its first iteration of Project Move in August 2019 by inviting 15 students from The Ohio State University to participate in a strategic workshop on the Nike WHQ campus in Beaverton, OR. I helped strategize, create, organize, and facilitate sessions during the workshop for the students to ideate project ideas to bring back to campus. Due to the success of the inaugural year, Project Move has been picked up by The University of Texas at Austin.

Website Design

Role: UX Design, Content Strategy, Messaging

The website had three different purposes:

  1. Accept applications from interested students

  2. Showcase the current student projects on campus

  3. Provide validation for internal Nike stakeholders


Workshop Facilitation

Role: Event Coordination, Workshop Session Planning

After the 15-student cohort was selected, we exemplified a pilot "movement" through a weekend workshop hosted at Nike WHQ. This was the first project of its kind and we had the opportunity to create an example project by taking the participants through the Nike Project Move Workshop—which can show the students how to create their own movements.

I was tasked to strategically think through workshop session materials to assist the students in conceptualizing project ideas, narrowing down their ideas to ones that will be the highest impact with the lowest amount of difficulty, and identifying the steps it will take to make the project happen. 


Marketing Support

Role: Marketing Mentor

As the students went back to Ohio to prototype their concepts and activate their projects, we continued to meet virtually to educate, equip, and inspire the cohort. I assisted the students in marketing and communication efforts to disseminate their project information in every corner of The Ohio State University's campus.

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COVID-19 Curveball

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first year of Project Move did not end as planned. However, we were still able to see one project launch on campus and document the cohort's experience. To close out the first year, we had a virtual party where we shared a special "Thank You" video to the cohort of the first 15.

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