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Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Here's an ongoing list of things I just highly recommended to everyone. Not saying I have amazing taste or anything, but I do think it's worth sharing! Alright, here's the good good:




Okay, I know everyone and their mom is all about Sketch, but I'm telling you... Figma is the future! It's the best tool for designing, prototyping, and collaborating in real time. It's super intuitive and you can use it right in your browser!


This is the most beautiful and blazing fast inbox experience—ever. With amazing features like read receipts and unsubscribing, you will fall in love with this email client faster than you can hit "Undo". It is increased productivity for $1 a day. I think it's worth it. How about you?


As someone who does a lot of surveys to gather data, I have used my fair share of form/survey tools, and Typeform is by far my favorite. They make online forms more human. Oh, and their rebranding story is inspirational.


If you don't want to obliterate your end-user's browser, you should optimize your images on your website. This is a free image optimizer. It keeps the image quality looking spiffy, but the image size is more ideal! Check it out.


Pricing Design

I've freelanced for a few years and never really knew how to price my work—especially while I was still in college. Based on my experience, I would price my work really low. This book gave me a fresh new perspective on how to value my design work and price it accordingly to what would bring value to me and my family.


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